Monday Night Football – Presidential Debate – Baseball – Coinsidance or Conspiracy?

The stars aligning to provide the populace with the difficult choice of what to watch tonight seems just a little to convenient – Rather than have the chance of a real debate about matters that are truly important, the rat bastards have implemented the divide and conquor strategy:

Monday Night Football – for the unemployed / underemployed / average male

Dancing with the Stars – for the above’s girlfriends / wives

Game 7 NLCS – for the radicals in SF / farmers in St. Louis, and most of the aging population of the nursing homes in the US

Presidential Debate – For the Washington insiders, political pundits, and people for the benevolent dictatorship for the promotion of universal consolidation and eradication of original thought…

Its getting harder to argue that we are headed for the government that we deserve, especially with such tantalizing choices 



About bohicaman

Former Trader, Risk Manager, CRO, COO, etc. Global experience in all forms of listed and OTC derivative markets Citizen of the world Resident of the USA Favorite color is blue
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