Fear & loathing on the campaign trail – 2012 edition

Watching the painful second presidential debate last night, I was struck by the thought of how similar it was to the old cola wars: Coke vs Pepsi in which two very similar products duke it out for supremacy, when in fact they are both full of ‘bad for you’ shit.

The folly of it all is just striking. Its hard to image that a country that calls itself the UNITED States of America, takes time out every four years to DIVIDE the country into two teams, each of which then proceeds to try and rip the heart of the other, using everything from blackmail, outright lies, secret photo’s and the like, just so they can score a victory over the other and claim a ‘Mandate’ to change the lives of everyone for good.

I am beginning to think that the Roman’s had it right, when the vanquished foe was immediately sold into slavery for the service of the victors. My suggestion is that should happen to the members of Congress for the losing party, that would certainly do wonders for the gene pool, and eliminate the need for term limits. Just think how much fun you vote would be then…….how much for my vote? how much for the women & children. Fear & loathing indeed.

Given that the US has managed to remain roughly 50 / 50 over the past century or so, we always seem to end up debating the ‘fringe’ issues as the ones that define the differences, when in truth, both parties remain basically the same. 

I don’t hold a lot of faith in the process at this point, except for the fact that each election seems to bring us closer to the time when the people finally start to wake up and realize that they have been played for suckers.

Sadly, as with most change, it will take some sort of catastrophic event to occur before we will finally get off our butts. Anyway, this thought at least made me feel somewhat less depressed.


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