Highlights of ‘Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President’ by Ron Suskind


Interesting book about the first two years of OB Administration.

I thought I would make a list to keep score of whom he either praises or would have killed:


Robert Wolf 

Peter Shiller

Elizabeth Warren

Paul Volker


Gary Gorton




O’Neil (Merrill Lynch)

Jim Johnson (Fannie)

Larry Summers

Dick Fuld

John Thain

Bob Rubin (Goldman)

The most respect I gained from the book, a mix of academics, politicos, regulators:

Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota

Maria Cantwell of Washington St.

Gary Gensler – ex-Goldman, but knows the game

Brooksly Born – ex regulator

Peter Orzag – Budget Savant

Jim Weinstein – Dartmouth

Larry Fink – Blackrock


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