New Product Idea – Volagra

Is your portfolio just not performing like it used to? You may be suffering from ED (Expiration Disfunction) and its common side effect of ‘Low Beta’.

Its worth talking to your portfolio manager about Volagra, the new product from Wall St. labs that provides four times the short volatility exposure of a normal long only portfolio.

Soon you will find yourself constantly watching the overnight futures, subscribing to CNBC Alerts and anxiously sweating out each & every Government Statistic that is released.

Isn’t it time you give up foolish notions that you are investing for the long term and treat your portfolio the same way as your on-line gambling habit?

Give Volagra a try – your broker will be glad you did.

* Be sure and contact your Broker immediately in the case of margin calls that last more than four days as this may be a sign of imminent bankruptcy.


About bohicaman

Former Trader, Risk Manager, CRO, COO, etc. Global experience in all forms of listed and OTC derivative markets Citizen of the world Resident of the USA Favorite color is blue
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