I took the liberty of re-working some of the priceless tweets from @MayorEmanuel about his victory speech preview:

8-Feb Speech preview: “You can fuck around with stupid shit all you want, but in the meantime New York is making us look like chumps. Again. Because somehow this town has confused driving fucking cupcakes around with goddamn innovation.

We’re Chicago. Maybe—just fucking maybe—we can build something better than stupid T-shirts and half-off deals. So Chicago, let’s stop screwing around. Let’s be like the Unicorn on my T-shirt: Fucking Incredible.

I remember when Daniel Burnham kicked the fucking world in the nuts. Let’s get back to being a town of fucking nut-kickers.

Thank you and good night


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Former Trader, Risk Manager, CRO, COO, etc. Global experience in all forms of listed and OTC derivative markets Citizen of the world Resident of the USA Favorite color is blue
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